Smart ways to conquer a casino online

We truly live in glorious times, as gambling has never been more accessible than it is today. 100s of different online casino providers have given players reason to celebrate in recent times, with more jackpots falling on a regular basis than ever before. Instantly accessible, anyone who fancies testing their nerve can go online and wager to their heart’s content in 2016. While undoubtedly entertaining, one must never forget that gambling is a serious act. In a duel that pits the player against the house, it is up to the player to secure any additional edge they can. To help you on your way, the following selection of tips can help you bring down the house next time you play at a casino online.

No. 1 – Never discount the importance of loyalty

It is a trait that is often lost within today’s “itchy feet” society, as most will jump to another casino online at the drop of a hat. The problem is that maintaining loyalty can actually prove to be both rewarding and profitable given time. A large percentage of online casinos now offer Loyalty and VIP Programs to members. These programs are put in place to reward those who continually deposit at an online casino over the long-term. If you are a player who plans of consistently depositing money to a casino online, then VIP and Loyalty Programs are well worth enquiring about.

By using the gaming guide, you can get a lot of help when it comes to finding a casino online with a rewarding Loyalty Program. They offer reviews of the majority of active casinos on the market, and will get you a good overview over just how the programs are structured at various casinos.

No. 2 – Take a break

Playing at a caisno online can be quite intense, especially if a playing session involved more than a single player. Because this is the case, emotions can often come into play. Emotions can often prove to be downfall of even the most skilled online casino player, as they can do more than just blur a player’s judgement. In order to make sure that emotion and intensity doesn’t lead to your downfall, you need to learn take a break when feeling overawed. Nothing to be ashamed of, taking a break every once in while can prove to be the difference between defeat and victory when play at a casino online.

No. 3 – Embrace progressive jackpot play

As time progressed the online casino slot genre had to evolve. This evolution didn’t only take place within the realms of gameplay and UI development, the way prizes and jackpots were presented were also addressed. In an attempt to raise the stakes involved with play to new heights, progressive jackpot games were introduced. These games work on a networked game setup, with the top prize involved growing by the minute. The chances of securing the big casino online jackpot on show is minimal, but that doesn’t mean that such games are to be avoided. Progressive jackpot play is to be embraced even if it is only in small measures.

No. 4 – Understand your means for play

The last tip on this list is by far the most important. Online casino gaming is often a highly engrossing affair, so much so that the betting involved can quite easily spiral out of control. In order to make sure that don’t find yourself in deep trouble, you must learn to manage your money and not bet beyond your means. Set a budget, enforce limits, and never under any circumstance bet more than you can afford to lose.

The pros and cons of licensed slot game development

They are advertised on online casino portals throughout the world and now make up a key element of the online slots genre. These days’ developers understand the true importance of having major licenses under their belt. It is these licenses that have become the bread and butter of many online development companies, largely because of the money they are able to generate. From a development perspective slots games can offer up plenty of entertainment, but it isn’t always all fun and games. The following looks at the pros and cons of licensed slot game development.

When a player sees a licensed online slots title no much thought is given to how it has originated. But the reality is that licenses are not a small acquisition for an online casino developer. They often cost a princely sum and represent a major outlay for the company, so they need to be both popular and profitable. However, in some instances the acquiring of a license and the developing of relevant slots title only represents half the battle. The Lord of the Rings slots game proved to be such a case. Microgaming went to war to secure the rights to the Lord of the Rings franchise in what proved to be quite a lengthy bidding action with various other developers. After claiming the rights they quickly developed and released a Lord of the Rings themed title. After a while controversy ensued when the Tolkien family objected to its existence. They denounced the game and stated that they didn’t want a slot game themed on the series and plenty of bad press soon followed. Following that and plenty of fan backlash the game was pulled from all online casinos. It showed that there is definitely a dark side to the world of online slots.

The upside of licensing is that most are more than happy to see an online slots version of their idea, theme, or concept released. The reason why this is the case largely centres on money, as online slots can be highly profitable for developers, operators, and anyone else involved in the design and release process. One particular case of a family being thrilled with their decision to license an online slots game was The Osbournes. During the 2000s The Osbournes dominated MTV, with their reality show paving the way for the countless reality shows we see today. They jumped at the chance to have a game made and sold the rights to every aspect of the shows imagery, including the whole family and even the dogs. Microgaming ended up making the game and due to the support given it proved to be an effortless process, with the game making plenty of profit. Another upside of acquiring a license is how it is effortlessly a timeless investment. Games can be consistently made long after a TV show ends or a certain celebrity passes away. For example the Elvis themed slot game always ranks as a top performer in terms of profit.

The development of licensed based online slots game isn’t always a cut and dry affair. In fact, when you look at the process, from idea to release it often takes on quite the journey. Bidding, acquisition, official approval, development, and release, the process can be lengthy. Thankfully, what we often get come the end of it is a great slots game that provides players with countless hours of entertainment. Do you fancy trying some licensed slot machines online? At you can quite easily pick up an exclusive bonus at casinos that offers a wide variety of slots!

Are land based casinos biting back against online casino gaming?

It is a war that has been raging on for well over a decade and one that has looked to be a little one-sided as of the late. The online casino industry has been running rampant all over the land-based casino industry, with many feeling that it could be all set to largely kill it off in the coming years. For some time now, those who operate land based casinos have been fighting tooth and nail in order to retain what little customer bases they have left. In seems like after years in the doldrums, the brick and mortar casinos of the world are looking to bite back by changing up the classic formula of slot machines.

According to a report, which details what is already clear to many, classic slot games have been on a steady and notable decline. This report has come direct from David G. Schwartz of the Gaming Research Department at the University of Nevada. What has led to the decline seems to be the lack of player interactivity within the current games available. Speaking on the issue, Schwartz said, “People crave entertainment, something that land based casino slot games seem to be devoid of these days’. Times have moved on, but it seems that the land based casino industry hasn’t”. That is until now anyway, as it looks like change is afoot. It seems the last gasp effort from the industry is coming in the form of reworked slot games, which reintroduce skill to proceedings. Speaking on the innovation MGM Resorts International CEO James Murren said, “The new slots product is going to be completely different to what anyone has ever seen before, we are making slots more interactive, more intuitive, and more fun”. But in the eyes of many, these new innovations are all coming a little late in the day, because the horse seems to have already bolted. When it comes to land-based slots, the term “lack of allure” has been thrown around and that in itself has proven to be fairly revealing statement.

What stands in the way of a land-based casino revival is an industry that has revolutionised the way people gamble. All encompassing and ever evolving online casino gaming now stands at the forefront of the gambling industry, with it now dominating proceedings throughout not just Europe and Scandinavia, but the entire world. The slot games featured online are now truly cutting edge and have left the land-based industry in its wake. Compiling the best in the world of online casino slot games, casino guides like showcase exactly what the online realm can do and how limited the world of land-based slot games truly is, while also giving out exclusive bonuses on many of today’s most popular games.

Does the new slot machine revolution pose any threat to the online casino world? By the looks of things, while the land-based shake-up will be fun for players, there is no denying that the true entertainment is and always will be found within online casinos and not their brick and mortar counterparts.