Understanding the new era of online casino gaming

Back in the late 1990s/early 2000s the online casino landscape was a very different place. Online casinos only existed in a basic form, with there only being handful available to play that. Not only that, the games available were simple at best, as they were created using low-level HTML coding and JavaScript. Thankfully, the industry has evolved and moved on since then. These days HTML5 and Adobe Flash lead the way as far as development technology is concerned, with the use of a software client based development becoming somewhat passé. The online casino environment of today is now an all-encompassing 21st century entertainment format, with innovation found around every corner.

Gaming Technology

You’ll find that some online casinos offer you a one-stop-shop gaming experience, while others prefer to offer something a little more niche. If you prefer to have all your gambling needs catered for by a single brand, then you should be able to find exactly what you are after through some of the bigger names. The likes of Bet365 and Paddy Power can provide you with slots, poker, bingo, blackjack, sports betting, scratch cards, baccarat, keno, and much more under the single roof. However, for some this won’t exactly be what they are looking for. If that’s the case, various independent and smaller online casinos still pride themselves on delivering a niche experience. These casinos tend to cater a single genre. For example, SlotsEmpire largely provides online slots games. The amazing thing about the current level of digital innovation in the industry is that it has actually made the online casino concept mobile. No longer are players chained to their computers when they want to gamble, as smartphones have allowed players to game on the go. Mobile casinos are now just as popular as online casinos, as players are now migrating to the format.

Countless Benefits

It doesn’t matter what type of player you are, you are going to love that winning feeling. The feeling is only made better when you can win off of the back of the casino’s money. These days’ doing this is much easier than most people think, as online casinos are seemingly more than happy to hand out bonuses, promotions, and playing incentives. Ranging from simple sign-up bonuses to hundreds of free spins, in 2015 there are countless benefits to gambling online – Just have a look at MrCasinon.com if you want proof. They list all the best casino promotions available online. Do you want to win a car, a cruise, or maybe just cold hard cash? Then at select online casinos you can do that. Do you want to play online casino games without spending your own money? Then at an online casino you do that. When you choose to gamble online, the benefits in 2015 are practically endless.

Player Protection

All of the above will help you understand what modern day online casino gaming entails. But before you commit to any online casino you need to understand how the security elements involved in online casino gaming have changed too. Player protection is now pivotal to the large majority of online casino operations. Heavy firewall use, SSL encryption technology, certified payment methods, and operation transparency, have all allowed online casino gaming to become a truly secure pastime.

For The Better

The game has changed, as online casino gaming now stands at the cutting edge of entertainment innovation. If you are looking for a fun way to part with your money that comes with plenty of thrills and spills, then modern day online casino gaming may provide exactly what you’re looking for.

The pros and cons of licensed slot game development

They are advertised on online casino portals throughout the world and now make up a key element of the online slots genre. These days’ developers understand the true importance of having major licenses under their belt. It is these licenses that have become the bread and butter of many online development companies, largely because of the money they are able to generate. From a development perspective slots games can offer up plenty of entertainment, but it isn’t always all fun and games. The following looks at the pros and cons of licensed slot game development.

When a player sees a licensed online slots title no much thought is given to how it has originated. But the reality is that licenses are not a small acquisition for an online casino developer. They often cost a princely sum and represent a major outlay for the company, so they need to be both popular and profitable. However, in some instances the acquiring of a license and the developing of relevant slots title only represents half the battle. The Lord of the Rings slots game proved to be such a case. Microgaming went to war to secure the rights to the Lord of the Rings franchise in what proved to be quite a lengthy bidding action with various other developers. After claiming the rights they quickly developed and released a Lord of the Rings themed title. After a while controversy ensued when the Tolkien family objected to its existence. They denounced the game and stated that they didn’t want a slot game themed on the series and plenty of bad press soon followed. Following that and plenty of fan backlash the game was pulled from all online casinos. It showed that there is definitely a dark side to the world of online slots.

The upside of licensing is that most are more than happy to see an online slots version of their idea, theme, or concept released. The reason why this is the case largely centres on money, as online slots can be highly profitable for developers, operators, and anyone else involved in the design and release process. One particular case of a family being thrilled with their decision to license an online slots game was The Osbournes. During the 2000s The Osbournes dominated MTV, with their reality show paving the way for the countless reality shows we see today. They jumped at the chance to have a game made and sold the rights to every aspect of the shows imagery, including the whole family and even the dogs. Microgaming ended up making the game and due to the support given it proved to be an effortless process, with the game making plenty of profit. Another upside of acquiring a license is how it is effortlessly a timeless investment. Games can be consistently made long after a TV show ends or a certain celebrity passes away. For example the Elvis themed slot game always ranks as a top performer in terms of profit.

The development of licensed based online slots game isn’t always a cut and dry affair. In fact, when you look at the process, from idea to release it often takes on quite the journey. Bidding, acquisition, official approval, development, and release, the process can be lengthy. Thankfully, what we often get come the end of it is a great slots game that provides players with countless hours of entertainment. Do you fancy trying some licensed slot machines online? At VipCasino.nu you can quite easily pick up an exclusive bonus at casinos that offers a wide variety of slots!